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Altiris Error 13 Extracting Sysprep Files

Windows 7 has a few different mechanisms to install drivers, below are some of them with examples. Thanks. +1 Login to vote ActionsLogin or register to post comments riva11 Windows XP SP3 is Out - Time to Rebuild Those Base Images! - Comment:16 May 2008 : Link There This token will tell DS to look in DS console for real computer name. Multicasting to the Test Bed On the image server, I opened the Multicast Server application and configured a multicast session to place the console boot partition on participating multicast clients. Check This Out

This behaviour is because during Sysprep Windows does not load path variables and is simply not aware of the fact that there are more files on the system. You will need to know computer model numbers as they appear in Deployment Server. But it works for me when I use it in my cmdlines.txt file instead as: [Commands] "c:\aclient.exe c:\aclient.inp -silent -install -scriptedinstall" +1 Login to vote ActionsLogin or register to post comments ImageCast doesn't work directly with RIS; however, the product comes with its own PXE server. http://5bchy.rg.ro/0Ke

Run the Microsoft installer. I had the same issue when I was building my Windows 7 image. i.e. %DSSERVER%?

Skips the pane for user state migration.SkipLocaleSelection. We only use Broadcom and Intel LAN drivers and copy all of them to client computer. In this example, the source path is set to E:\Downloads\VC++2008SP1x64.On MDT01, log on as CONTOSO\Administrator.Create the application by running the following commands in an elevated PowerShell prompt:$ApplicationName = "Install - Microsoft This would include starting the process by creating an image from an ACAPI computer.

Altiris eXpress 5 eXpress comes on a CD-ROM that includes other offerings from Altiris. In general, if you have multiple sections that set the same value, the value from the first section (higher priority) wins. PS. a fantastic read The software can also copy a bootable image to the disc, which creates a self-contained, bootable image and application CD-ROM.

You also add an " - x86", " - x64", or "- x86-x64" suffix to indicate the application's architecture (some applications have installers for both architectures). I began testing hopeful that the products' wealth of features was evidence of maturity—features built onto solid foundations. The software informed me that I needed updated ODBC drivers, and I accepted the default option to let the installation routine update my system's drivers. Before you can install any of the products, you must get the appropriate license from Altiris (the company emails you a license file).

Enable the Windows Update (Post-Application Installation) action.State Restore. Having to answer the first screen will do this and you will have a full c:\users\YOU_CREATED_AN_EXTRA and then an extraRegistryGUIDto delete in HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-XXXXXXXX This just makes a clean image, hence why For the image server installation, the product's InstallShield Wizard prompted me to select which component of Ghost I wanted to install: Console, Console Client, or Standard tools only. To create the new view Run the following SQL Script using SQL Query Analyzer against the eXpress database: CREATE function make_readable( @comp_id INT) RETURNS VARCHAR(64) AS BEGIN return (SELECT replace(prod_name, '

Drive Image Pro automatically launched and presented me with a menu of choices, including Create Image, Restore Image, and Disk To Disk. http://lanprolab.net/altiris-error/altiris-error-2.php We had the following requirements in our environment Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit Bit Locker ready Single production partition Single image for various vendors, but all Intel based client computers hardware Learn More Symantec Connect Endpoint Management > Articles Entire Site Search Tips Home Community:Endpoint Management Articles Overview Forums Articles Blogs Downloads Events Groups Ideas Videos RSS Login or Register to participate There is no space between the "|" and the "C:\windows...." line REG QUERY HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Enum\Root\ACPI_HAL\0000 /v HardwareId |C:\windows\system32\Find /I /C "acpiapic_mp" >NUL IF %ERRORLEVEL%==0 GOTO MACPI :ACPI REM Copy ACPI HAL echo

Below are the additional changes I have done to DS for Windows 7 deployment. The InvSolution reference guide (for 6.x) also has some ideas. Again, if they are not specified, the wizard prompts you.NoteCaution is advised. this contact form There is no need to do this for your reference image.WSUSServer.

Master image build check list Source the latest models of the Client PC Source the right OS DVD media: Windows 7 Enterprise 32 SP1 Install Windows 7 from DVD with: NB Sysprep support directories were created during VirtualCenter installation: C:\[VirtualCenter_installation_directory]\resources\windows\Sysprep\ ...\resources\windows\Sysprep\1.1\ ...\resources\windows\Sysprep\2k\ ...\resources\windows\Sysprep\xp\ ...\resources\windows\Sysprep\svr2003\ Select the 1.1 subdirectory. dpinst works like this: interrogates devices in device manager and will try to find a driver in the folder specified above.

If network card driver is there, network connection will be dropped while driver is getting installed, as a result deployment server task will fail DPinst.xml is configuration file for DPinst.exe and

To get an idea for how well the products' native tools perform post-image configuration, I used the reviewed products to deploy a Sysprep image, then used the products to deploy a I created a PostConfig profile by double-clicking in the Post Configuration Resources window. ImageCast Contact: SoftStorage Solutions * 262-792-4760 or 800-817-5119Web: http://www.it-infusion.comPrice: $18 per seat for 10 seats; $11 per seat for 100 seats; volume discounts availableDecision Summary:Pros: Intuitive console; powerful post-imaging configuration abilitiesCons: On the Properties for New Configuration dialog box, I selected the SID Change check box and selected the Ghost01 configuration as the template for configuration settings.

Beyond support considerations, Sysprep offers latitude for using one image across systems that have similar hardware. the image job gets to task 4... I do have a question if you don't mind. http://lanprolab.net/altiris-error/altiris-error-116.php The script that identifies a model will point dpinst to the specific folders on the express share that only has drivers for this model.

I had the option to schedule the operation or run the event immediately. Looking to get things done in web development? Do not join the computer to the domain. You need to use the arrow keys to scroll through the HAL options in order to choose the ACPI option.

Sysprep All sysprep files templates used in production. If you also choose to put the entries straight into the registry be sure to include %systemdrive%\ in front of each entry, OEMPNPDriversPath prepends this for you. +1 Login to vote The software then prompted me to provide a name for the image file and offered to password-protect the image file. I attempted to use this disk to copy an image file from my image master to the image server, but I was unable to get access to any network shares.

After the client automatically reconnected to the console, I right-clicked the client's icon and selected Create Quick Disk Image from the resulting menu. When I deployed a Sysprep image to the test bed without using Altiris's configuration utilities, I avoided this problem. Andrey Shipov IS Infrastructure Senior Engineer Manchester, UK 0 Login to vote ActionsLogin or register to post comments toca Partner Accredited Windows 7 Image Deployment with Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 - That must hold the information on what drivers were previously certified in my build. +1 Login to vote ActionsLogin or register to post comments RFredette Windows XP SP3 is Out -

I get a error to check the file? How can I move the Automated Deployment Services (ADS) image store to a different disk? The slow speed of multicasting an image might also be a concern in some environments. I booted a PXE-enabled HP eVectra through the RIS server and chose the menu option that the Ghost Boot Wizard created.

To exit, you will need to run Sysprep.exe with the /OOBE switch to exit the Audit mode The link to the Microsoft write up is here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc722413(WS.10).aspx You break IT, I The software supports this functionality only on a standalone basis to a local tape or CD-R device. Checking the value of this entry is one of the first steps to discovering why drivers are not installing properly. State Restore.

I tested Altiris eXpress 5, PowerQuest Drive Image Pro 4.0, SoftStorage Solutions (formerly IT Infusion) ImageCast, and Symantec Ghost 6.5.1 to see how they handle a variety of cloning tasks. I used a boot disk that I created with the Ghost Boot Wizard to launch Ghost for a disk-to-disk clone on my HP Vectra VL. These two are the: "Advanced Configuration and Power Interface HAL (halacpi.dll)
"ACPI Uniprocessor PC HAL (halaacpi.dll) Your task is to determine which computers need which HAL and install the appropriate one