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Altiris Error With Token Replacement In Embedded Script

Brian Jackson Try holding down the SHIFT key and right click with your mouse in the blank space of the folder. Thank you for sharing. They will activate fine - When it comes time to update this image, apply the one with SkipRearm set to 1, update the image, and then grab two new copies METHOD Clean Altiris Agent GUID AHI.exe ran from WinPE new Image ACPI Mulitprocessor Driver Install Unable to decrypt sent data Reset Driver Repository Error 12 when running AHI_Job Sysprep not running and have a peek here

Less need for the Altiris developers to create new wizards to create new functionality. Answers 0 Tokens may be replaced within any specified file by creating a script job with the command: REM ReplaceTokens [file with token] [file to be created] For example... At the time, there was discussion about joining the machine to a domain. Thanks! https://support.symantec.com/en_US/article.TECH26272.html

So far so good. Need you help thx Juan Justin Juan - I just spent the last 4 days trying to figure Win7 Sysprep to allow to add computer to domain. Apply the updates but after 1 or 2 days lost history, where the day and time in which they are impacted. To repeat the syntax, from my friend Nick: REM Token Replacement Task for Sysprep.inf REM Replacetokens .\scripts\SYSPREP.TXT .\temp\%ID%.INF FIRM Copy ,\temp\%ID%.inf PROD:\temp\sysprep.inf 2nd Line: I originally had 2 spaces between the

Windows Vista or Windows 7 Machine to build the XML file on ISO or DVD of Windows 7 Installation (x32 or x64) WinPE Boot Environment : theITBros WinPE 3.1 BootLoader First Also make sure the XML file is in that location as well. Are there certain features that should be configured or included for the DS ?? aerilus you are most likely going to have to script it here is some talk and examples about automatically naming computers based on mac addresses http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/21576-computer-name-based-on-mac-address/ Kyle I loved this tutorial.

Example: MyCompany.com/MyParentOU/MyOU %DSSERVER% The NetBios name of the computer where the Deployment Server is installed. %EMAIL% Email from the Location properties %ID% Unique Computer ID Generated by Deployment Server %IPNAME% Full Install all software, drivers, and tweak settings 5. Now I'm trying to build a usable Win7 image, and I keep running into a problem - when I wake my reference machine back up after pulling the image off it, Homepage and sysprepping and testing after each one to see what's breaking my image.

To amend each job’s constituent tasks required a level of focus which intuitively seemed more appropriate for those working for NASA, or perhaps in the bomb disposal profession. REM ReplaceTokens .\temp\sysprep.inf .\temp\%COMPNAME%.txt Deployment Server actually reads this REM statement and takes action by creating a new file from the specified source (that contains any of the below tokens). Still the same after HF2 and HF3 (on SP1). Andrew, You're right about the files, there are (2) that are created.

I am going to try this: FirstLogonCommandsCommandLine: cscript //b c:windowssystem32slmgr.vbs /upk and leave out the Order 2 line altogether. https://github.com/schambers/fluentmigrator/issues/625 This will reboot your machine and put your windows build in ‘audit' mode. David Quick question that will most definitely sound stupid: How do you deploy the finalised *.wim image to a group of computers? Thanks, Altiris Admin Crew!!

In there, there is a "Boot" checkbox. http://lanprolab.net/altiris-error/altiris-error-1-during-script.php This will let retain all the new drivers that you have added, incase you are building different PC brand and model as well. I’m going to use a software deployment job as an example here, one which deploys Adobe Reader to our ‘standard’ which does the following; Creates a hidden software source folder on Step 7 K, now go ahead and save your answer file as unattend.xml.

Also, you should run the XML file from that location. You can’t guarantee that only one place, in one task, needs to be updated to effect what could appear to be one change. We had domain admin accounts listed there, and a test user account. Check This Out That way I don't have to make a sysprep image for each type of computer I've got.

That said, this is YOUR vision, just confirm that you want me to use double-braces and I'll do that instead. The script embedded by the task would be specifically crafted to allow parameters to be uploaded into the eXpress database. In this job, the only thing we’d need to change when cloning for a new software delivery are the parameters declared in the ‘Set Parameters’ task.

Boot into Audit mode 4.

SELECT     dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.Name, dbo.Inv_AeX_AC_Identification.[OS Name], dbo.Inv_Client_Task_Resources.IsActive,                       dbo.Inv_Client_Task_Resources.LastRegistered FROM         dbo.Inv_Client_Task_Resources INNER JOIN            In the example above, a sysprep.inf file is generated with the computer name and any tokens within the script are appropriately replaced with relevant data... %ASSETTAG% Asset tag from SMBIOS %BWIPADDR% Once this stored procedure is in place, you’ll need to authorise it in the DS Console as follows, In the DS Console, select ‘Options’ from the ‘Tools’ menu bar Click ‘Allowed With this recent version, I can't modify or change setting as you suggested in the Forum regards this issue.   Thanks, Hanson

0 0 10/16/14--22:45: pcanywhere client for mac os

I can't take credit since I found this information somehwere and just changed it for my environment. However there is no method to load. Contact Us Customer and Technical Support phone numbers and hours of operation. this contact form Here is a link for the virus programs that cause problems: http://theitbros.com/sysprep-windows-7-third-party-anti-virus Yup, these guys are awesome, just wish the moderator or admin had seen this and pointed us to the

Is this just an innocent typo, or is the file inside your Script folder really sysprep.inf and not sysprep.txt? Although native token replacement can do this fine without any additional functions it can get a bit wordy. On the internet I can not find anything about it.  Thank you very much, best regards. David Hi Brian, After taking your advice I found that computers would still not boot, with the error ‘BOOTMGR is missing' still occuring.

Toggle navigation Software Tips Questions Blogs Links Communities Questions & Answers How Can I Use Tokens to Create Computer-specific Files? The ‘Ideal’ DS Enhancement: The Job Parameters Task It should be no surprise to learn that the creators of Deployment Server already understood the need to parameterize complex jobs. The unattend.xml file is also copied to the C:\Windows\Panther directory, so you will want to add a second line to the CMD file, del /Q /F c:\windows\panther\unattend.xml. This means that should I in the future have to update a particular instance of this job it will simply be a case of slotting the new parameterised tasks in place.

The syntax is correct, the F: drive is correctly mapped. Windows 7 sysprep is just asking for computer name and then it just logs in. Nous avons activé le protocole IGMP sur tous les switchs de l'entreprise mais cela n'a visiblement aucun effet. I need to run two different unattended files and require to reboot between them.