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An Error Has Occured In The Queryparser Utility

Another potential cause of this error is that the verity.cfg file has not been updated. So take a look at the verity documentation and see where they compare locale features, and determine if the customer needs uni or can get by with english or englishv. If you wish to rollback the current configuration, you can change the contents of admin.dat. Check that the CBR Dispatcher is enabled The CBR Dispatcher can be turned off via Enterprise Manager. this contact form

This limitation is for K2 Dashboard only, and does not affect the CE servers ability to do searches. Quote Postby HandBrake » Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:17 pm This is just a quick notice to let everyone know that we are currently transitioning away from Trac.Trac (https://trac.handbrake.fr) is the For instance use “dog cat” to search for the words “dog” and “cat”. Here’s a command that would create a collection and then index a file into it: mkvdk -create -collection test –locale english -style style test.txt This command creates a https://hardforum.com/threads/problems-with-handbrake-after-windows-updates.1752348/

I.e. Also note that groups from the domain (not the local system) must be preceded by the domain name, and must be separated from the domain name by a double backslash (e.g. Verity Index Server hung If you think that the CE server has dispatched the requests but the Verity server is really hung, you should first verify that the CPU level Go into K2 Dashboard, click on the “Index Servers” link, then click on the desired index server, and then on the “properties” link.

First is the CE server log. Failure to do this will result in no CBR dispatchers running, because the system doesn’t know which server to pick to run the CBR dispatcher. In the event that the Verity subsystem becomes hung, the K2 Dashboard does have facilities to restart various services. The timeout is large because requests get executed in batches, and bigger batches are better for performance.

Mapped drives on Windows On a Windows system, the requirement to write Verity collections to local disks means that you are writing to a path such as D:\collections, and you As such, Trac has become largely redundant for us and is more a burdon to maintain and keep up to date. Using stop word file can significantly reduce the collection size and increase performance. http://an-error-has-occured-in-the-queryparser-utility.tcfshow.com/ It does not need the collection imported into a Verity K2 configuration and does not need the Verity K2 server processes up and running.

Collection Security The group name assigned to a collection under the assign security link affects only reads of that collection. Re-indexing a collection is intended to be used when a collection has become damaged, and the exact contents of the collection need to be re-indexed in a new collection. 13. I ram memtest and all of my hardware tests out good. CBR_CANT_LOGON_TO_VERITY 13.1.1.

The requests will be present in this table for at least a minute, so you should be able to see requests in this table immediately after an update was done to Check object in Verity Collection 18.8. Queries on the large collection should still be good, so the system will start running normally as soon as the last optimize on the closed collection is finished. This user is used to logon to Verity from tools such as K2 Dashboard and is used by the security checks that Verity does on a collection.

CBR Locales Note that there is a CBR Locale, and an operating system locale. http://lanprolab.net/an-error/an-error-occured-while.php The 4.5 and later releases will be enhanced to automatically run the CBR dispatcher on one of the enabled servers, and automatically fail over to another available server if the one For instance, it may print out: Error E3-0011 (VDK): Error: Cannot find or create directory C:\VerityCollection\DaphneStore_Document_20061206130452_63EDA7B982DC43ACB6BE96CBCD7CCFF4 13.3. that the client can access.

But use fewer is other functions also run on that machine. The english locale can run up to five times faster than the “uni” locale. In Windows, you can go into the Services utility and restart the two Verity services. navigate here So you should also consider search performance when configuring the number of indexing threads.

Note that when submitting problems to Autonomy, reproducing a problem with these tools must typically be done to let Autonomy diagnose it. 4.1. That may show how the name was misspelled. Setting IsCBREnabled to false will make all future inserts or updates skip full text indexing, but it does not remove the existing full text index that has been previously created.

So if you’re diagnosing file not found errors, do not set the CBR dispatcher wait interval lower than 120 seconds or so to avoid these messages. 13.4.

This is a feature of NFS and not related to Verity in particular. But doing a restart of specific services from K2 Dashboard doesn’t restart everything, so the processes themselves may need to be restarted. Retrieval slow during high document ingestion 16.6. K2 Security User There are two users associated with a Verity configuration.

Use testqp 18.9. For “CONTAINS(*, ‘something’)”, just use “something” as the search string in rcvdk. Alternatively you can here view or download the uninterpreted source code file. his comment is here Make sure you look at the lowest level to insure these properties are set correctly.

Those are two different things. I am stumped at what to do here any suggestions? file) of a CE document, plus one more for all the CBR enabled string properties. 18.6. But note that if you make more than 10 changes, the history of changes won’t go back far enough.

The CE EnterpriseManager program can be run to change any invalid property of VerityDomainConfiguration in order to fix this problem. 13.1.2. CD2A31F0-701D-4B54-A315-F12A0C91244F), and “” is typed as is since this is the “contains” operator. “r” prints the results of the search, which will be the vdkvgwkey of the records found. It also only occurs under very heavy load. The size is different for 32-bit OS vs 64-bit OS (if VDK_LARGEFILE_SUPPORT environment variable is enabled for 64-bit OS).

in the collection name to select the collection for the correct object store and object type (Document, Folder, etc.). TemplateType of the Index Area which indicates what Verity style files to use 3. It takes one Verity document to save each ContentElement (i.e. If you have requests other than the lock record, then those are for documents or other objects to be full text indexed.