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An Unexpected Error Has Occurred. Cqwp

But when I pull this property out via the Content Query WP, the ArticleStartDate property seems to contain the date I posted the article itself?If I sort by it in the It defaults to the blue color… There has got to be another css style I am missing, but unsure which.. .Anyone know what I am missing? users are only able to view published major versions in a library, not minor iterations) Yammer only offers the ability to download a document and re-upload a new version. Should I include him as author? have a peek at these guys

Jessie View May 17, 2007 Hi Heather,I read your article on customizing the custom query web part. Try that. This community site provides customers with a forum to discuss their ideas for your product, a channel to offer feedback and a convenient location to access up-to-date product information. Creating the Custom Item Style First, hands down this is a fantastic blog post to read on the subject: Configuring and Customizing the Content Query Web Part on the ECM Blog.  

SkyDrive Pro is intended to take its place when working with SharePoint 2013 and provide offline document synchronization. Thanks! The ‘Most Popular Items’ feature also allows users to identify popular and trending content.

I accepted a counter offer and regret it: can I go back and contact the previous company? Matthew View May 17, 2007 The XSL snip is missing the closing tag. Completing the new starter form Clicking on “Complete your new start form” opens a new form modal where employees can provide basic information about themselves, such as name, address and emergency Testing the CQWP I found that it works just fine.

The only column that I am unable to display is the "Assigned To" column. I just want to show them all the documents present in those form libraries depending upon the item level permission.To achieve this i am implementing content query webpart and everything goes Back to table Document Workflow in SharePoint vs. https://msftplayground.com/2008/04/disabling-sharepoint-errors-an-unexpected-error-has-occurred/ Back to table Document Retention in SharePoint vs.

I've used your "…(more)" example to cut down the Content Description inside the CQWP, but (and I understand how) when you click on more it loads up the MP3. SharePoint Community Site Use Case #2: New Starters Site On boarding can be a stressful experience for new starters, and an expensive and time consuming one for HR. is this the column I am looking for? Instead of exporting and uploading the webpart, I simply edited ContentQuery.webpart found in /_catalogs/WP using SharePoint Designer and it seemed to work like a charm… have I done something wrong or

Style the Data in the Item Style Return to SharePoint Designer and your custom template in ITEMSTYLE.XSL. http://www.teylyn.com/sharepoint-there-was-an-error-in-the-callback-in-manage-content-and-structure/ There's got to be a better way. Yammer Document co-authoring is only available in SharePoint (although it is possible for Yammer users to co-authors ‘Pages’). For our first column, we will use the Column name Summary and the column type Single line of text.

Allan View November 8, 2007 HelloI'm working on this site, and this things has been bugging me for days now.Its all working just fine and i'm getting data from 3 col. http://lanprolab.net/an-unexpected/an-unexpected-error-occurred-while-trying-to-log-in.php I would like to: Show all items to general admin users except those items created by two users. Finally, scroll down to SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and select Activate. Rewards System: Points or $?

Using the drilldown find your blog site and select the Posts list within it, then click OK. Add new columns to the blog Posts list We need to add the following 2 columns to our blog Posts list: Summary: to display a brief introduction for each blog Featured creation date, last modified date), but also allows users to define their own metadata, as shown below. check my blog Thanks,Jasper Sahal View July 15, 2007 Hello Heather,Special thanks to you and to everyone to share this valuable information…I have a case and I do not know if it face any

I have managed to do this using the out of the box templates but want something a little smarter. I dont get an error or anything nxliu View April 20, 2007 My current workaround: create the column by english name, then the internal column name is same with the name Surely I won't hard code the URL in the XSLT?Many Thanks Lesley Campbell View September 10, 2007 I have the same problem as JWM.

I can't find it anywhere… The closest thing I can find is the Content Editor Webpart.

A mobile user can also configure external access for his mobile to use features out of the network. 2. I am trying to use the QueryOverride with CAML. The image appears as url with a comma at the end instead of the image itself. Features used (in addition to the Community Site template): Calendar App (and App Part) Photo Library App (and App Part) Attending an event Clicking on an event in the sales and

I am thinking something like this:news Once I checked it in, all was well.

In this respect, you can view this initial stage of “integration” as the start of a phasing-out of existing functionality and a taster (just a link) of what’s to come. My problem is I could not locate my pages through CQWP. Am I missing a step somewhere? There are 4 main components to the SharePoint Community Site that will be familiar to users of any forum: Feature Description Discussions Members can post an opinion or question to start

Yammer does not support document retention. Jiangbo View October 10, 2007 I am trying to create a publishing site, which should be an aggregation page and a library of article pages. When done styling the Item Style, remove the code that lists the fields. P: The Other Internal Column Names & Finding Field Types If by some