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Apache Error In Creating The Workers


This feature has been added in jk 1.2.20. Several reasons: mod_jserv was too complex. Tomcat workers are defined in a properties file dubbed workers.properties and this tutorial explains how to work with it. If not specified, defaults to "ajp13" if an Ajp13Connector is in use, otherwise it defaults to "ajp12". navigate to this website

This features has been added in jk 1.2.6 to avoid problem with hung/broken tomcat's and works on all servlet engines supporting ajp13. During global maintenance load counters are decayed and workers in error are checked for recover_time. The following fixes the problem: JkMount /*.vm ajp13 JkMount /login/j_security_check ajp13 Credits This document was originally created by Gal Shachor Revisions by (Alphabetical) Mike Braden Mike Bremford Chris Pepper With prefer_ipv6AJP,SUBfalse When compiled with IPV6 support, this directive forces IPV6 address resolution for host names which have both IPV6 and IPV4 addresses. More Help

Worker.properties Example

This method should be used, if network to and from the backends is your limiting resource. To use a variable, you can insert "$(variable_name)" at any place on the value side of a property line. The default settings are JAVA_HOME=/usr/java and APACHE_HOME=/usr/local/apache.

Use request.secret="secret key word" in your Tomcat AJP Connector configuration in Tomcat 5.5 or 6.0 and requiredSecret="secret key word" in Tomcat 7.0 onwards. The latest release of mod_jk (the one found since Tomcat 3.3-m2 and J-T-C) handle the network failure. You could also try searching the mailing list archives for "mod_jk" or look at the source. Mod_jk Documentation The default installation of Tomcat comes configured to generate a configuration file on demand for Apache to use mod_jk.

Usage of "it" to start a sentence How can I easily find structures in Minecraft? Workers.properties Location I (interval): If set, the connection will be probed during the regular internal maintenance cycle, but only if it is idle longer than connection_ping_interval. For ajp13 workers the default port is 8009, while for ajp14 type of worker that value is 8011. domainSUB- Domain directive can be used only when the worker is a member of the load balancer.

Be careful not to introduce a reference loop! Mod_jk Socket_timeout Also related to EAPI, the message '[warn] Loaded DSO /usr/lib/apache/mod_jk.so uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with -DEAPI)', the mod_jk.so was compiled under Trying to balance 2 tomcat instances and configured workers.properties accordingly. Cachesize defines the number of connections made to the AJP backend that are maintained as a connection pool.

Workers.properties Location

Before each retry, it will make a pause define by retry_interval directive. Disabled by default. Worker.properties Example Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Remote bug watches debbugs #635503 [done important upstream fixed-upstream] Edit asf-bugs #50339 [RESOLVED FIXED] Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug Apache Mod_jk Configuration A.

Set sticky_session to false when Tomcat is using a Session Manager which can persist session data across multiple instances of Tomcat. useful reference Its default value is retries * retry_interval. worker.list=balancer worker.worker1.port=8080 worker.worker1.host= worker.worker1.type=ajp13 worker.worker1.lbfactor=1 worker.worker2.port=8181 worker.worker2.host= worker.worker2.type=ajp13 worker.worker2.lbfactor=1 worker.balancer.type=lb worker.balancer.balance_workers=worker1,worker2 worker.balancer.method=B worker.balancer. All local workers are moved to the beginning of the internal worker list in lb_worker during validation. Workers.properties Example Load Balancing

You should note that Ajp13 is now the only out-process protocol supported by Tomcat 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 5. Religious supervisor wants to thank god in the acknowledgements Is there a limit on how much is customizable on WordPress? routeSUBworker name Normally the name of a balanced worker in a load balancer is equal to the jvmRoute of the corresponding Tomcat instance. http://lanprolab.net/apache-error/apache-error-403-211.php The default port for ajp12 is 8007 ajp13 Worker properties The ajp13 typed workers forward requests to out-of-process Tomcat workers using the ajpv13 protocol over TCP/IP sockets.

This feature has been added in jk 1.2.12. Workers.properties Download retry_intervalAJP,SUB100 The amount of time in milliseconds the worker sleeps before doing any retry. Configure Apache to use mod_jk The simplest way to configure Apache to use mod_jk is to use Tomcat to generate the mod_jk configuration file and put the following include directive at

If set to true the worker will be disabled if member of load balancer.

Rainer Rainer Jung (rainer-jung-kippdata) wrote on 2010-12-05: #3 The patch provided in comment #2 is wrong. Where can I get more information? If your installation is different, you will need to edit the build-solaris.sh script and change these values appropriately. Mod_jk Sticky Session Not Working It should only be used on multi-homed hosts.

If method is set to N[ext] the balancer will again use the number of sessions to find the best worker. Error : Code: [Oct 05 12:05:27][5308:125996] [error] ajp_worker_factory::jk_ajp_common.c (3007): allocating ajp worker record from shared memory [Oct 05 12:05:27][5308:125996] [error] wc_create_worker::jk_worker.c (150): factory for ajp13 failed for node6 [Oct 05 12:05:27][5308:125996] asked 5 years ago viewed 5295 times active 1 year ago Linked 8 Apache2 is not starting my webserver Related 4Resource temporarily unavailable: apr_thread_create: unable to create worker thread1installing Linux/Apache - get redirected here Do not use them.

jvm_routerouteworker name This directive has been deprecated since 1.2.20. the file contains entries of the following form: worker.list = the list of workers worker.list= worker1, worker2 When starting up, the web server plugin will If sticky_session is set to true sessions are sticky, otherwise sticky_session is set to false. The layered approach provided by the jk library makes it easier to support both Apache1.3.x and Apache2.xx.

Each property key will be prefixed by this value. In this case the JK environment will concatenate all the classpath entries together by putting path delimiter (":"/";") between the entries. The name of the worker can contain only the alphanumeric characters [a-z][A-Z][0-9][_\-] and is case sensitive. values are : 0 (full recovery), 1 (don't recover if tomcat failed after getting the request), 2 (don't recover if tomcat failed after sending the headers to client), 3 (don't recover

The new ApacheConfig directive in Tomcat 3.3 allows for additional configuration options as detailed later in this section. This feature has been added in jk 1.2.27. If sticky_session is used, then the domain name is used as session route. Then nobody uses this node, because all session are gone and the node is unreachable without a session-id in the request.

The Session method has been added in version 1.2.20, the Next method in version 1.2.33. JK will discover this number for the Apache web server automatically and set the pool size to this value. Building mod_jk for Unix Apache Make sure your Apache has DSO support. If set to zero (default) JK will wait for an infinite amount of time on all socket operations.