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Api Error Codes Best Practices


We don’t need them all, but  there should be used at least a mount of 10. 200 – OK – Eyerything is working 201 – OK – New resource has been share|improve this answer edited Oct 1 '14 at 7:00 answered Jun 3 '09 at 5:46 Julian Reschke 19.8k43752 3 Hmm, while at a glance "507 Insufficient Storage" seems like it Based on an eye tracking study on camelCase and snake_case (PDF) from 2010, snake_case is 20% easier to read than camelCase! The point is the intent - what is the intent of 200 OK? my review here

This works if the action doesn't take parameters. Otherwise 507 (not entirely standard) may also work. If others know of existing articles on this specific topic, please post links here too. Content-Type defines the request format.

Rest Api Multiple Errors

Bottom line, it's about making your APIs intuitive and making developers successful. Conversely, it is not a relevant strategy for dealing with errors unrelated to rate-limiting, network volume or response times, such as invalid authorization credentials or file not found errors. What tool can I use?

Pay us more and you'll get the storage you need!) but I stopped to think about it and it seems to soapy (/shrug in horror). Any additional HTTP headers that would have been passed alongside the response should be mapped to JSON fields, like so: callback_function({ status_code: 200, next_page: "https://..", response: { ... So what is the SO crowd recommendation? Twitter Api Error Codes On the first comment I got re: this blog, I also changed "invalid" host name to "wrong" host name.

Now, if an inbound HTTP requests contains a If-None-Match header with a matching ETag value, the API should return a 304 Not Modified status code instead of the output representation of Php Rest Api Error Handling Perhaps we need to have JSON serialization libraries handle naming convention transformations. While that may be a bad example, the point is that most likely you’ll want to use as small a subset of status codes you can, while still providing the necessary http://blog.restcase.com/rest-api-error-codes-101/ HTTP status codes are specific to document retrieval and posting, and these may not map directly to your application domain.

Internal APIs Banking APIs REST API Security © 2016 Apigee Corp. Paypal Api Error Codes For example, the following URL connects to Meerkat and requests all Linux related articles from the past two days, and formats the results in RSS 0.91: http://www.oreillynet.com/meerkat/?c=cat10&t=2DAY&_fl=xml Now, try specifying an Upcoming improvements to Box API V2's error responses For the past few months, I have been working on improving the error responses that the Box API V2 returns for client-side errors. RestCase Get an invitation to RestCase private beta

To enable the best user experience for your customer, it is necessary on the part of the developers to make excellent error

  1. For example: if an app and API only has three outcomes which are; everything worked, the application did not work properly and API did not respond properly then you are only
  2. I would have thought the more important aspect is in regard to whether statuses should be used solely, or whether the error information should be returned in the payload, or both,
  3. Note that the HTTP spec has had 3 different acceptable date formats and the server should be prepared to accept any one of them.
  4. Ensure that internal-only messages (such as database version or stack traces) are excluded.
  5. There are a couple of advantages of sticking to identifiers - data flowing over the network is minimized and the data stored by API consumers is also minimized (as they are
  6. This could be accomplished with a request like GET /tickets?state=open.
  7. Bounded, Piggy-Backed Mobil... 11216 Backend-as-a-Service: The Future of Mobile Cloud C... 11211 Training: Apigee App Services in Santa Monica, CA 12306 API Design: Third Edition (video & slides) 11206 iOS Developers:
  8. For non-security related errors: absolutely, being specific is absolutely a good idea, but I would be deliberately vague.
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Php Rest Api Error Handling

This indicates that there are no matching results, but it does not indicate whether this is a valid category ID which contains no news items, or an invalid category ID. have a peek at this web-site Pure returning of a HTTP 500 with a stacktrace is not very helpful. Rest Api Multiple Errors Suggest that the user contact the domain admin to request access for your app. 404: File not found: {fileId} The user does not have read access to a file, or the Rest Response Codes Best Practices What is the difference between touch file and > file?

Many popular JSON APIs use snake_case. this page Search queries should be passed straight to the search engine and API output should be in the same format as a normal list result. Best Practices for REST Error Handling Assuming you are busy implementing a REST-based web service, which error handling option do you choose? However, if the relation is commonly requested alongside the resource, the API could offer functionality to automatically embed the relation's representation and avoid the second hit to the API. Facebook Api Error Codes

An API that needs to support JSONP will need a third method of authentication, as JSONP requests cannot send HTTP Basic Auth credentials or Bearer tokens. more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science But you shouldn't go beyond 8. 200 - OK 400 - Bad Request 500 - Internal Server Error Please keep in mind the following rules when using these status codes: 200 get redirected here These are communicated by the HTTP status.

Subtraction with negative result Which plural to use if more than one exists? Mailchimp Api Error Codes Facebook In all cases, Facebook returns a 200 OK, regardless if there was an error or not. Add as many as are necessary, but in most cases you won’t need to learn and implement every single status code in the spec.

I don't believe there are (yet) any best practices for REST error handling (for an overview of other best REST practices, see Paul Costello's REST presentation, in particular [Side 59].) Nonetheless,

share|improve this answer answered Jun 3 '09 at 4:08 Rich Apodaca 12.1k87299 2 Should I include my detailed error message in the body, ie. Not having to deal with odd pluralization (person/people, goose/geese) makes the life of the API consumer better and is easier for the API provider to implement (as most modern frameworks will I'm not going to put much effort into explaining the above breathful as it looks like others (YouTube, Twitter & Box) have already started the XML exodus. Google Api Error Codes This method can be easier for clients since the status for the response is always in the same place (no sub-codes needed), no limits on the codes, no need to fetch

When the docs are hidden inside a PDF file or require signing in, they're not only difficult to find but also not easy to search. For instance: if you have errors confirming whether or not the username is correct and then if the username is correct it'll warn if the password is incorrect - then someone Tell it like it is In order to make your error messages super useful, be as descriptive as you can about what the error is, and how it can be resolved. useful reference When full text search is used as a mechanism of retrieving resource instances for a specific type of resource, it can be exposed on the API as a query parameter on

Throw a hard error instead! We can future proof the API by staying envelope free by default and enveloping only in exceptional cases. It is flexible for the user and common in leading databases. Are there other options beyond the four described here? 7 Comments anonymous2 2003-12-01 05:14:38 404 is Resource Not Found "we get back a 404 Error Code.

Use exponential backoff. 403: The user has not granted the app {appId} {verb} access to the file {fileId} The requesting app is not on the ACL for the file. Provide developers suggestions about how to solve their problems here", "userMessage" : "This is a message that can be passed along to end-users, if needed.", "errorCode" : "444444", "moreInfo" : "http://www.example.gov/developer/path/to/help/for/444444, This is common practice for "custom 404 pages". An app can consume the error codes (e.g., in a switch statement) to display dialogs that are relevant to the error condition.

I have found it useful to create an exception hierarchy based on the HTTP status codes which makes it easier for an application to report the right class of status code For example, a multi-resource search doesn't really make sense to be applied to a specific resource's endpoint. Why not make the most of them? But, but… How?

Sure, however, there isn't much to gain going down that route as code would still not be able to handle significant API changes without breaking. On the other hand, the act of gzipping in itself provided over 60% in bandwidth savings. snake_case vs camelCase for field names If you're using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) as your primary representation format, the "right" thing to do is to follow JavaScript naming conventions - and These are small things.

This can mean that a required field or parameter has not been provided, the value supplied is invalid, or the combination of provided fields is invalid. There are over 70 HTTP status codes. That impact on readability would affect API explorability and examples in documentation. Here is an example how a JSON payload should look like. { "errors": [ { "userMessage": "Sorry, the requested resource does not exist", "internalMessage": "No car found in the database", "code":

RESTful principles provide strategies to handle CRUD actions using HTTP methods mapped as follows: GET /tickets - Retrieves a list of tickets GET /tickets/12 - Retrieves a specific ticket POST /tickets If a high volume of requests or heavy network traffic causes the server to return errors, exponential backoff may be a good strategy for handling those errors. I agree that, strictly speaking, one of the ideas of REST is that you should use the HTTP Status code as a part of your API (return 200 or 201 for