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See: How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X Know your Mac error: Kernel Panic This one is rare, but it’s certainly an attention grabber. Know your error: Mac displays a folder with question mark This error indicates that Mac OS X can’t find your hard drive. Reply Raffy says: June 27, 2016 at 1:16 am Succeeded starting the test on my iMac (late 2009) with the latest El Capitan, using the Applications Install DVD (NOT the Mac See Apple jargon buster: tech terms explained, in Macworld's glossary of technical language Advice from an Apple Tech: Three common Mac fixes Know your Mac error: The application “program name” quit this page

Step 1. Then they replaced the CPU. The tests will check your CPU, GPU, memory, firmware, and other components, but if you wish to run an extensive memory test then you can do this as well by checking See if the Mac behaves better with devices unplugged.

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That's just shoddy work. It will say something like “The Application quit unexpectedly”. When Lion introduced the idea of a Recovery Partition, AHT was one of the diagnostic utilities that made the move to your hard drive for easy access. Apple's latest hardware test versions show a gray scroll bar (click for larger view).

  • So this bad non Apple module had fried 3 hard drives and a CPU was the problem.
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  • My early 2011 MBP, running El Capitan 10.11.5, did the same thing - black to gray, held down the "D" key, after about twenty seconds just did a restart as usual.
  • If, for example, something reports an error like "An error of type -1409 has occurred.", it seems there must be a list somewhere of descriptions of errors of type -1409.
  • How do I determine which of the other 6 are bad?
  • Apple Mac computers are remarkably stable machines, and you’ll spend a lot less time fixing a Mac, to get it working, than other computers.
  • The appearances are slightly different as are the names, but the ability to test the hardware for problems is the same regardless of how things look or what they are called.
  • Reply ↓ diego temoche May 7, 2015 at 9:37 pm Hello, I have a macbook pro late 2011 it keeps turning off after 20 minutes using it.

How to Run Apple Hardware Test on a Mac to Diagnose Hardware Problems Connect the Mac to a power source if you have not done so already Disconnect all connected devices, PPM001 There may be an issue with a memory module. If you suspect this may be the case, try using Disk Utility and/or Safe Mode first to rule it out. Apple Error Code 36 But with our guide to Mac OS X error messages you’ll soon know what each mac error message means.

Shut down and discontinue use. Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. Yes, most Mac users will experience plenty of years of trouble-free computing, but sometimes hardware problems can surface. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-decipher-error-codes-in-apple-hardware-test-or-apple-diagnostics/ Step 4.

If this code appears a second time, further troubleshooting may be required.Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. Apple Hardware Test Codes NDD001 There may be an issue with the USB hardware. PPT005 The battery is not installed properly. If this error occurs; check sInfo rec for more information.*/ smNilsBlockErr = -336, /*Nil sBlock error (Don't allocate and try to use a nil sBlock)*/ smSlotOOBErr = -337, /*Slot out of

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He dreams of travel, plays video games, loves life, and laughs frequently. http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/ Turn your computer off completely by clicking the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and selecting the Shut Down option. Promo Codes For Apple Macbook Pro PPT004 The battery requires service.The battery is not functioning normally, though you may not notice a change in its behavior or the amount of charge it holds. Apple Macbook Pro Discount Code Not been able to take it back yet, was getting the spinning beach ball of death with whole lot freezing sometimes, other times the curser/ window could be moved around the

Holding down the "D" key. this website I keep looking for a comprehensive list of all error codes sorted by number. Post navigation ← How to access Recovery Mode in OS X How to verify and repair your hard disk in OS X → 16 thoughts on “How to run and interpret Now you can determine which of these is the case by looking at the final detail of the reading (TL0P-130). Apple Error Codes List

Now perform the following actions: Reboot your Mac Hold the "D" key down immediately when you hear the boot chimes If your system loads the tests, then for older systems you Step 4. Depending on how frequently you do this, the Trash can usually free up a lot of space. Get More Info Prepare for AHT Assuming it is none of the above, your problem may be hardware-related and you'll need to use AHT to help uncover the culprit.

Regardless, be sure you make regular and ongoing backups of your data. Apple Hardware Test Error Codes 4sns Reply Orathental says: June 26, 2016 at 12:23 pm Try using Option+D keys to boot into Internet Hardware Test Mode If the Mac is really old it won't have the feature, Do that and see if it helps.

There was a timelapse though, before booting started.

Interpret the Results The trickiest part of using AHT is actually doing something with its findings. Didn't work. Drag to the trash some large files. Apple Hardware Test Error Codes 4mem Macs can start up from multiple drives including external drives, and when one is used as the startup drive, but then disconnected this error may appear.

As with any sensor reading, it may be in error, but you might consider having your drive replaced. Additionally, tests for a newer model iMac may not work properly on an older iMac system, with the same restriction also applying for other Mac models.Running the hardware tests To run Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available. see here Contact Appleor take your computer to anApple Authorized Service ProviderorApple Retail Storeto determine which service and support options are available.

Delivered Daily Subscribe Best of the Week Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and CNW001 CNW003 CNW004 CNW005 CNW006 There may be an issue with the Wi-Fi hardware. Reply NicholasW says: June 27, 2016 at 5:57 am Try option D on pre 2012 MacBook Pro to start Apple hardware Test. Reply Paul mercier says: June 26, 2016 at 9:40 am Ya know, I read and re-read this article and found it left out like the most important detail: on an older