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Part of this is a cut and paste because of a bug in ST. For example, the @5 here is the token index: 31 Consume hidden [ /<64>,channel=99,30:7, @5] * same is true for consume nodes now: 25586 Consume node [')'/, <44>, 4712040,@1749] 25 When Had to add new class runtime.tree.CommonErrorNode to hold all the goodies: input stream, start/stop objects. * Tweaked CommonTree.getType() to return INVALID_TOKEN_TYPE instead of literal 0 (same thing at moment though). * Wildcard is subtree or node. More about the author

Third question is about error handling. Should be useful later for .text property. Lots of work to do it seemed. Added code to check that scopes are valid on scoped rule references. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10378123/antlr-length-of-token-and-error-handling

Antlr4 Error Handling

msg6967 (view) Author: Roman (smokxx) Date: 2012-03-27.11:34:04 Made our own empty displayRecognitionError that overrides BaseRecognizer's one. reportError(self, e) reset(self) setCharStream(self, input)Setthecharstreamandresetthelexer setText(self, text)Setthecompletetextofthistoken;itwipesanyprevious changestothetext. IErrorReporter errorReporter = new StdErrReporter(); myLexer.setErrorReporter(errorReporter); myPaser.setErrorReporter(errorReporter); ...

Strip didn't ignore options in subrules; also seemed to demand stdin. If it is an entire rule, it has to set the return value, retval.tree. * Fixed ANTLR-220. Added _last local var to track last child so we can do replaceChildren() during AST rewrite mode for tree grammars. Antlr Error Handling I needed to be able to look at the trees for imported grammars before analyzing them and building DFA.

Changed interface and implementation. Antlr Error Listener Example This means they can execute concurrently. parser grammar U; a : (A B)? ; b : X a {p1}? http://www.antlr3.org/pipermail/antlr-interest/2007-November/024599.html Label.java: public static final int MIN_CHAR_VALUE = '\u0000'; public static final int MAX_CHAR_VALUE = '\uFFFF'; August 30, 2008 * Changed messages in en.stg so that TOKEN_NONDETERMINISM correctly indicates when actions hid

Added ASTParser.stg and ASTTreeParser.stg to handle auto AST construction during recognition for the two different parser types. Antlr Defaulterrorstrategy Youdon'twanttheexactsetofviablenexttokensbecausethe inputmightjustbemissingatoken--youmightconsumethe restoftheinputlookingforoneofthemissingtokens. CodeGenerator assumes new subgroups exist. You may need > to override nextToken() to keep the flood of lexer error messages from > occurring before any parser messages. > > One other v3.0.1 bug-a-boo: In recoverFromMismatchedToken(...), which

Antlr Error Listener Example

src/org/antlr/tool/GrammarSanity.java # edit General cleanup and addition of generics. http://just-developers.com/q/10392536/antlr-length-of-token-and-error-handling July 20, 2007 * Added AST construction for tree parsers including -> rewrite rules. Antlr4 Error Handling TARGET DEVELOPERS WARNING -- AST.stg split with some functionality going into ASTParser.stg then I added ASTTreeParser.stg. Antlr4 Error Handling Example You will see a lot of things like state.errorRecovery = false; runtime/Java/src/org/antlr/runtime/RecognizerSharedState.java # add Shares all recognizer state variables including lexer even though these are superfluous to parsers and tree parsers.

antlr 2016-08-18 08:34:44 | 2 Answers | 70 Views SOLVED ... my review here And if the error flag is set for one error, can the parser actually recovers and matches anther rule, so the previous error is false alarm? September 15, 2007 add getCharStream to Lexer. Constructor Detail ConsoleErrorListener publicConsoleErrorListener() Method Detail syntaxError publicvoidsyntaxError(Recognizerrecognizer, ObjectoffendingSymbol, intline, intcharPositionInLine, Stringmsg, RecognitionExceptione) Upon syntax error, notify any interested parties. Antlr4 Throw Exception On Error

I don't want to share the error flag between the parser and lexer objects. hetero is now terminalOptions.node. Saved yet more RAM; 15% by wacking NFA configurations etc in each DFA state after DFA construction. * Overall we drop from 2m49s to 1m11s for a huge 4000 line TSQL click site getCharPositionInLine(self) getErrorMessage(self, e, tokenNames) getLine(self) getSourceName(self) getText(self)Returnthetextmatchedsofarforthecurrenttokenorany textoverride.

Commonly at EOF target states. Antlr Error Strategy Ack, hetero arg is on lots of templates. :( Moved ruleCleanUp() template into ASTTreeParser and ASTParser groups. * added noRewrite() template (to Java.stg) so we can insert code during rewrite mode Atthispoint,itgetsamismatchedtokenerrorandthrowsan exception(sinceLA(1)isnotintheviablefollowingtoken set).Theruleexceptionhandlertriestorecover,butfinds thesamerecoverysetanddoesn'tconsumeanything.Ruleb exitsnormallyreturningtorulea.Nowitfindsthe']'(and withthesuccessfulmatchexitserrorRecoverymode).

Syntactic predicate names even had to be scoped per grammar so they don't conflict. * When using subrules like (atom->atom) to set result tree, it was not properly setting result (early

Added new TestTreeContext unit tests (15). /** Check if current node in input has a context. msg6959 (view) Author: Frank Wierzbicki (fwierzbicki) Date: 2012-03-23.22:23:02 smokxx: do you use the indexer? E.g., // delegators public MParser gM; public M_S gS; public M_S gParent = gS; // NEW * Grammar imports didn't set all the delegate pointers...lots of imported grammars would cause a Antlr Parser Pushed hereto attribute into all tokenRef* templates.

codegen/templates/Java/ASTTreeParser.stg The templates needed to build trees with auto construction during tree parsing. src/org/antlr/test/BaseTest.java # edit Added functionality to support testing composite grammars. January 9-10, 2008 * Continued work on debugging/profiling composite grammars. * Updated debug protocol for debugging composite grammars. navigate to this website More accurate than DecisionProbe; retrofitted from v4.

src/org/antlr/tool/Rule.java # edit Added field imported. match(self, s) matchAny(self) matchRange(self, a, b) nextToken(self)Returnatokenfromthissource;i.e.,matchatokenonthechar stream. Has line/charpos and tokenIndex July 15, 2007 * added null ptr protection in CommonTreeAdaptor. Also there was a bug in how the rewrite tree stream stuff decided to dup nodes. * fixed bug in LT for tree parsing; text was not transmitted properly; only single

Labels to rules w/o return values caused compile errors. * Fixed ANTLR-89; semantic predicates in lexer sometimes caused exception in code gen. * Fixed ANTLR-36; remove runtime dependency with ST March src/org/antlr/codegen/templates/Java/Java.stg # edit Grammars can now import other grammars, which I implemented using a delegation pointer to the other grammar(s).