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For example, the following example uses the ld.bfd linker on ARM/X86 GCC 4.6+, on which ld.gold is the default LOCAL_LDFLAGS += -fuse-ld=bfd Note: If you define this variable for a static Only list the files that the build system actually passes to the compiler, since the build system automatically computes any associated depencies. The libc constructor calls dlopen() to load libc_malloc_debug_leak.so. // 3. LOCAL_DISABLE_RELRO By default, the NDK compiles code with read-only relocations and GOT protection.

For example, the Android 5.1 system images correspond to Android API level 22: android-22. For instance: LOCAL_CPP_EXTENSION := .cxx .cpp .cc LOCAL_CPP_FEATURES You can use this optional variable to indicate that your code relies on specific C++ features. It also impacts the compilation of individual source files, placing nearly all compiler flags inside list files, too. We reserve the entire memory region here, and * then the rest of the linker will relocate the individual loadable * segments into the correct locations within this memory range. * why not try these out

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You can avoid this problem by putting additional includes after everything else in the Android.mk file. Does the existence of Prawn weapons suggest other hostile races in the District 9 universe? Get news & tips Sign up for the newsletter Blog Support Android Developers on YouTube Android Developers on Google+ Android Developers on Twitter Except as noted, this content is licensed under It is even not working when I am setting to android version 5 or 5.1.

LOCAL_CFLAGS This optional variable sets compiler flags for the build system to pass when building C and C++ source files. Assign values to the variables used to describe the module. Note: In android-ndk-1.5_r1, the corresponding flags applied to both C and C++ sources. Linking Error In C Gdb could also potentially use this to * relocate the offset of our exported 'rtld_db_dlactivity' symbol. * Don't use soinfo_alloc(), because the linker shouldn't * be on the soinfo list. */

task->get_needed_by() : nullptr; if (is_greylisted(name, needed_by)) { // print warning only if needed by non-system library if (needed_by == nullptr || !is_system_library(needed_by->get_realpath())) { const soinfo* needed_or_dlopened_by = task->get_needed_by(); const char* sopath Try not to change the optimization/debugging level in your Android.mk file. The library was not found by soname (*candidate is nullptr) static bool find_loaded_library_by_soname(android_namespace_t* ns, const char* name, soinfo** candidate) { *candidate = nullptr; // Ignore filename with path. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.Learn moreGot itMy AccountSearchMapsYouTubePlayNewsGmailDriveCalendarGoogle+TranslatePhotosMoreShoppingWalletFinanceDocsBooksBloggerContactsHangoutsEven more from GoogleSign inHidden fieldsBooksbooks.google.com - Do you remember landmark games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Asteroids?

For example, the example that appears above results in generation of a library called libhello-jni.so. Android /system/bin/linker For example, the following example tells the linker to generate a module that links to /system/lib/libz.so at load time: LOCAL_LDLIBS := -lz For the list of exposed system libraries against which gcc_eh does the rest. */ 371int 372dl_iterate_phdr(int (*cb)(struct dl_phdr_info *info, size_t size, void *data), 373 void *data) 374{ 375 soinfo *si; 376 struct dl_phdr_info dl_info; 377 int rv = 0; 378 This operation also installs two scripts, named clang and clang++, under /bin/@.

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See the code in get_wr_offset (also #if'd 0) * that made this possible. */ if(wr_offset < 0xffffffff){ mprotect((void*) si->base, wr_offset, PROT_READ | PROT_EXEC); }#else /* TODO: Verify that this does the http://www.netmite.com/android/mydroid/bionic/linker/linker.c We do not recommend doing so without a compelling reason. How To Solve Linker Error In C Of course, if a value is below phdr->p_vaddr, it's not in the executable section, but a) we shouldn't be asking for such a value anyway, and b) if we have to What Is Linker Error In C Language What does a publishing company make in profit?

We recommend avoiding absolute file paths; relative paths make your Android.mk file more portable. What we ought to do is scan * the program headers again and mprotect all the read-only segments. * To prevent re-scanning the program header, we would have to build a not originally a delim). */ 2037 if (i > 0 && len >= sizeof(ldpaths_buf) && 2038 ldpaths_buf[sizeof(ldpaths_buf) - 2] != '\0') { 2039 ldpaths[i - 1] = NULL; 2040 } else return; } link_map* map = &(info->link_map_head); map->l_addr = info->load_bias; // link_map l_name field is not const. Android Linker Flags

The kernel will unmap * all the pages in the range, irrespective of how they got there. */ munmap((void *)si->base, si->size); si->flags |= FLAG_ERROR; return -1;}/* TODO: Implement this to take dlopen() calls soinfo_call_constructors() with the newly created // soinfo for libc_malloc_debug_leak.so. // 4. Elf32_Ehdr header[1]; int ret = TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(read(fd.fd, (void*)header, sizeof(header))); if (ret < 0) { DL_ERR("can't read file \"%s\": %s", name, strerror(errno)); return NULL; } if (ret != (int)sizeof(header)) { DL_ERR("too small to Split up the relocations by arch into * different files. */ switch(type){ #if defined(ANDROID_ARM_LINKER) case R_ARM_JUMP_SLOT: case R_ARM_GLOB_DAT: case R_ARM_ABS32: COUNT_RELOC(RELOC_ABSOLUTE); MARK(rel->r_offset); TRACE_TYPE(RELO, "%5d RELO ABS %08x <- %08x %s\n", pid,

If you need to define your own convenience variables in an Android.mk file, we recommend prepending MY_ to their names. Android Dynamic Linker This variable is typically useful when module foo is a static library and has code that depends on a system library. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE * COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, * INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, * BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF

Technically, we don't even need this info 1144 * once we go through 'load_segments'. */ 1145 hdr = (Elf32_Ehdr *)si->base; 1146 si->phdr = (Elf32_Phdr *)((unsigned char *)si->base + hdr->e_phoff); 1147 si->phnum

info->library_namespace->get_name() : "(null)") : "(n/a)", (info->flags & ANDROID_DLEXT_USE_NAMESPACE) != 0 ? This is too coarse, 1983 * and is kept here for reference until we fully move away from single 1984 * segment elf objects. TARGET_PLATFORM The Android API level number for the build system to target. LOCAL_ALLOW_UNDEFINED_SYMBOLS By default, when the build system encounters an undefined reference encountered while trying to build a shared, it will throw an undefined symbol error.

Use $(call ) to evaluate them; they return textual information. If the start value is null (for RTLD_DEFAULT), the search starts at the beginning of the global solist. Instead of starting * a symbol search with the executable file, the dynamic linker starts from the shared * object itself. The cost, however, is that they do not understand Cygwin path specifications like cygdrive/c/foo/bar, as opposed to C:/foo/bar.

THIS IS BAD!\n", pid, total_sz, si->name, si->size); goto fail; } TRACE("[ %5d - Finish loading segments for '%s' @ 0x%08x. " "Total memory footprint: 0x%08x bytes ]\n", pid, si->name, (unsigned)si->base, si->size); CLEAR_VARS This variable points to a build script that undefines nearly all LOCAL_XXX variables listed in the "Developer-defined variables" section below. You can also define APP_SHORT_COMMANDS in your Application.mk file to force this behavior for all modules in your project. caller : nullptr, found, symbol_name, vi); } if (s != nullptr) { TRACE_TYPE(LOOKUP, "%s s->st_value = %p, found->base = %p", name, reinterpret_cast(s->st_value), reinterpret_cast((*found)->base)); } return s; } soinfo* find_containing_library(const void* p)

Refactor this just * slightly to reuse these bits. */ si->size = 0; for(; phnum > 0; --phnum, ++phdr) {#ifdef ANDROID_ARM_LINKER if(phdr->p_type == PT_ARM_EXIDX) { /* exidx entries (used for stack Will not " "not be able to determine write-protect offset.\n", pid, name); return (unsigned)-1; } for(cnt = 0, shdr = shdr_start; cnt < ehdr->e_shnum; ++cnt, ++shdr) { if ((shdr->sh_type != SHT_NULL) The following example shows how to define a sysroot for a build targeting Android 5.0 (API level 21), for ARM architecture: SYSROOT=$NDK/platforms/android-21/arch-arm For more detail about the Android API levels and It performs a global symbol lookup. */Elf32_Sym *lookup(const char *name, soinfo **found, soinfo *start){ unsigned elf_hash = elfhash(name); Elf32_Sym *s = NULL; soinfo *si; if(start == NULL) { start = solist;

Otherwise, unpredictable behavior and crashes may result. Well, here’s an exciting opportunity to build and/or port these games to one of the hottest mobile and netbooks platforms today: Google’s Android.Pro Android Games teaches you how to build cool Prepend -l to the name of each library you specify. This implementation is either for GNU libstdc++, STLport, or libc++, depending on what you specify for the --stl= option described previously.

This variable is useful when there are circular dependencies among several static libraries. Note that the build system appends imported linker flags to the value of your module's LOCAL_LDLIBS variable. It works, but is not * ideal. PREBUILT_STATIC_LIBRARY The same as PREBUILT_SHARED_LIBRARY, but for a prebuilt static library.

This is the load * location of the linker. */static unsigned find_linker_base(unsigned **elfdata) { int argc = (int) *elfdata; char **argv = (char**) (elfdata + 1); unsigned *vecs = (unsigned*) (argv My advice would be to double-check if you actually have libGLESv3.so under any of your \platforms\\arch-arm\usr\lib directory. Note: If you define this variable for a static library, the build system ignores it, and ndk-build prints a warning.