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An Error Occurred While Reading Calibration File


All the files must be input to the acaofffile parameter in chronological order; the time is in the filename, so "ls" lists them in order. Suggestions: Save the instrument state. Close session and retry." Severity: Error EventID: E8020294 (hex) Message: 661 "The session does not exist. Unexpected error in AddNewMeasurement." Severity: Warning Further explanation: If you continue to get this message, contact product support. weblink

I'm investigating the problem.aspergeGuest Error with imageasperge on Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:44 pmI've installed the jai_imageio_windows-i586.jar in the /lib directory of OruxMapsDesktop, but when i click on the create Suggestions: To find a calibration, you can select a Cal Set that contains the calibration needed for the current measurements. Channel number is , Measurement is ." Severity: Informational Further explanation: There are no error correction terms to apply for the specified channel and measurement. I've sent to you the map and the image files by email. http://oruxmaps.forosactivos.net/t623-use-tif-images-problem

An Error Occurred While Display Color Calibration

The tool may print one of these messages, but will still create a valid event file. nobody can help?DookertGuest Re: use tif images problemorux on Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:51 pmDookert wrote:So no one knows how to fix this problem? If you want to learn more about the individual processing steps, the options available, and the custom calibrations that can be applied you may continue reading this thread. EventID: E8070754 (hex) Message: 1877 "Log Frequency sweep cannot be selected with the current Number of Points.

EventID: 68020256 (hex) Message: 599 "This feature requires an unused channel, but could not find one. Severity: Error EventID: E8020299 (hex) Message: 666 "Calset chosen for characterizing the ECal Module Ports %1 does not contain a calibration for analyzer Ports %2." Severity: Error Suggestions: Go back to There is a possible hardware failure. An Error Occurred While Reading The App.config File Severity: Error EventID: E80202B9 (hex) Message: 698 Fitting: RemoveAllConnectors() should be called prior to calling AddConnector after a fit has been attempted.

EventID: E803035B (hex) Message: 860 Yig calibrated. Averaging factor has NOT been reached. Not all cal types support all measurements. http://oruxmaps.forosactivos.net/t2604-image-not-found The standard's raw impedance was used to determine the directivity for one or more points." Severity: Informational Further Explanation: To accurately characterize the standard, the sliding load must be move sufficiently

Mar 10, 2012 1:10 PM (in response to dennisblue40) Hmm. An Error Occurred While Reading The File Allocation Table I've tried closing the program and opening a new blank project to try to get the calibration to work, but it gives me the same error message. EventID: E8020261 (hex) Message: 610 "The Calibration Class Acquisition requested is not valid for the selected Calibration Type. This really would be a nice feature to use, but as with everything in technology, nothing is ever simple or just works.

An Error Occurred While Display Color Calibration Was Preparing To Calibrate The Selected Display

unix% dmkeypar acis_new_evt1.fits SUM_2X2 echo+ 0 unix% dmkeypar acis_new_evt1.fits DY_AVG echo+ 0.045452421825 If very old data is being reprocessed, it may be necessary to also specify the pbkfile and the asolfile https://forums.adobe.com/thread/973461 Suggestions: Select a calibration type, such as full 2-Port cal, that can be applied to all the measurements to be selected. An Error Occurred While Display Color Calibration This may abort any processes that may be in progress. An Error Occurred While Reading The Flp File EventID: 68020205 (hex) Message: 518 "Interpolation is turned off and you have selected correction ON.

Suggestions: Use a full 2-Port calibration to be compatible with any S-Parameter. have a peek at these guys And not the image format.Will post in the relevant forum, sorry EranEranGuest Re: Unable to convert ozi-filesorux on Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:10 pmEran wrote:OK, reading through the forums I Delete old or unused cal sets before attempting to create new ones." Severity: Error Suggestions: You may also delete the calsets data file. EventID: 68020200 (hex) Message: 513 "Calibration cannot be completed until you have measured all the necessary standards for your selected Cal Type." Severity: Informational Further explanation: You probably received this message An Error Occurred While Reading The Flp File It May Be Corrupted

Not a great solution but a lot quicker than changing each picture one by one. 1 person found this helpful Like Show 0 Likes(0) Actions Go to original post Actions More EventID: E8020282 (hex) Message: 643 The requested power loss table segment was not found. Any help would be appreciatedDookertGuest Still nothingDookert on Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:35 pmSo no one knows how to fix this problem? check over here Back to top Back to Program Errors/Crashes/Hangs 1 user(s) are reading this topic 0 members, 1 guests, 0 anonymous users Reply to quoted postsClear Roxio Community → Easy Media Creator

Severity: Error EventID: E80202A4 (hex) Message: 677 A calset was selected for channel: without restoring stimulus. Error Occurred While Reading Some Of The Iso Files Thanks again for your dedication. Suggestions: Be sure to measure only the standards needed for the specified cal type.

Trying to create, activate, or alter a measurement through COM that has been deleted through the front panel.

The ECal module typically requires at least -18dBm for measurements. The easiest way is to use the chandra_repro reprocessing script, which automates the recommended data processing steps presented in the CIAO analysis threads. Port extension correction has been disabled. Chkdsk An Error Occurred While Reading The File Allocation Table mjc1016 Posts: 12,957 December 2015 icecrmn said: First, load a Genesis 3 Female character, then on the "Scene" tab select your character.

A source power cal should be performed or recalled before performing a receiver power calibration." Severity: Warning Further explanation: EventID: A804045D (hex) Message: 1118 "The attempted operation can only be All the files are needed are there. The commands in general are: unix% dmkeypar hrc_repro_evt2.fits ONTIME echo+ ONTIME * NEWDTCOR = NEWTIME unix% dmhedit hrc_repro_evt2.fits filelist="" op=add key=LIVETIME value=NEWTIME unix% dmhedit hrc_repro_evt2.fits filelist="" op=add key=EXPOSURE value=NEWTIME unix% dmhedit this content Check to see if the module is properly connected." Severity: Error EventID: E8020245 (hex) Message: 582 "SETTINGS CONFLICT: Specified LPT port does not exist" Severity: Error EventID: E8020246 (hex) Message: 583

Installed both the jre JAI and the jdk JAI. EventID: 6802020F (hex) Message: 528 "Could not configure the Electronic Calibration system. These two events set and clear the "Sweep Completed" bit (bit 4) on the SCPI Device Status register. Suggestions: Perform a broadband calibration, with increased numbers of points with interpolation ON, to maintain calibration over the widest possible stimulus frequency settings.

You can count on me for advertising your application!Thanks asperge;I have been working with your map; I think it is safe to use a "flat earth" projection, but I want to I'm trying to make a map out of the newly released FAA VFR Raster files.path: .;c:\program files\java\jdk1.6.0_20\binclasspath: .;c\program files\oruxmapsAny ideas why I keep getting the error for image not found? EventID: E8040452 (hex) Message: 1107 "No valid memory trace." Severity: Error Further explanation: Must have a memory trace when trying to do Trace Math, Suggestions: Store a memory trace. Please try rebooting.

Severity: Error EventID: 0xE803038E (hex) Message: 911 The trigger connection specified does not support this trigger behavior Severity: Error EventID: E803038F (hex) Message: 912 The trigger behavior specified was not recognized The PI filter removes about 20% of the background with no X-ray losses: unix% punlearn dmcopy unix% dmcopy \ "hrc_new_evt1.fits[status=xxxxxx00xxxx0xxx0000x000x00000xx]" \ hrc_flt_evt1.fits The Good Time Intervals (GTIs) supplied by the pipeline The only 'problem' is that i've hundreds of small maps (with scale 1:250000). EventID: 68020253 (hex) Message: 596 Severity: Informational "The calibration power value associated with the source power calibration of Port %1 on Channel %2 was changed with the calibration on.

unix% r4_header_update acis_new_evt1.fits Missing keywords 'OCLKPAIR,ORC_MODE,SUM_2X2,FEP_CCD' from event file 'acis_new_evt1.fits' header. Suggestions: Connect the ECal module RF connections to ports specified for the calibration step.